Investing in Marbella property can be a difficult and risky if you have no knowledge of the current housing market. The Grand Selection professionals are providing complete and personalized advices on what type of property to buy, in which Marbella areas it is more profitable to invest and what is the best time to do it.

Since 2007, Spain is experiencing a major economic downturn, with a big drop in real estate prices. Never properties in Marbella were such profitable and economical as now, so this decline offers the best opportunity to make the investments. This is an opportunity that probably will not come again until many years.

With the time and the new economic stabilization in Spain, the value of properties in Marbella will again rise the value, up to the maximum price they were before. This will be the perfect time to sell the properties and receive the investments with great benefits.

To ensure the right time to sale your property and recoup your investment, it is important to know which areas are most in demand and tourism booming in Marbella. It is also important to know what are the most requested types of properties and what features should the properties possess to attract potential buyers at the right time.

It is very essential to have a trusted real estate agency with a long time experience in Marbella properties and a team of professionals who can advise regarding the investments at any time and situation.

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